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JBiz Business Expo and Conference 2

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The Experts Continue - JBiz Business Expo and Conference, Part II

Tune in to hear:

  • A special message from the New Jersey Governor, Phil Murphy
  • Among guests interviewed were
    • Craig Bierbaum, Ultimate Protection Group
    • Rafael Englard, Empire Supplier
    • Eli Gastfreund, Getida
    • Avi Hershkowitz, Westmarq Realty Group
    • Jacob Herzog, Lucida Surfaces
    • Mark Jaffe, Chamber of Commerce
    • Isaac Katz, YK Window Treatments
    • Mac Shlesinger, Best Seller Listers
    • Moshe Suissa, JResponder
    • Among others
  • Relevant business advice from executives in various industries including: Finance, Healthcare, Real Estate, and Marketing
  • And many more key business insights!